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April 10, 1815, Mount Tambora in West Nusa Tenggara erupted with a very powerful, even far more powerful than the eruption of Mount Krakatau in 1883. In 2019, the incident will be the great explosion into its 204th age. To commemorate the eruption of the mountain, the government of West Nusa Tenggara Province will hold a memorial festival called “Pesona Tambora Festival”.


The beauty of Lombok will give you the best race scenery through stages. From beach to mountains, from city crowd to country serenity, from sprint to KOM and ended by city circuit race. Tour de Lombok is a UCI 2.2 race road race that is designed to provide more competition value in line with the increasing world enthusiasm for Sport Sport Bicycles in Indonesia and the World. In addition, this event can be used as one of the new containers to find new talents owned by Indonesia in Sport Bicycle. from the other side of Sports, Tour de Lombok event is to introduce one of the largest tourism potential owned by Indonesia and Lombok Sumbawa West Nusa Tenggara.


Bau Nyale Folk Festival is a Core Event cultural activities on the south coast of the island of Lombok precisely beach Kute, Seger and Aan in Central Lombok. Nyale scent is a natural occurrence perpetuated in the legendary Princess of the wise Mandalika who became seizure and want to marry her by some crown prince of the kingdoms in Lombok.


It is a promotional event for every foreign tourists and domestic tourists who visit Lombok Sumbawa will get discounts starting from tickets, tour packages and even discount shopping. In this month all the tourists will be spoiled with all the ease and pleasure of shopping.