Sea Turtle Conservation at Holiday Resort Lombok

Holiday Resort dedicated to the spirit of conservation continuously involve locals and guests to leave the everyday world behind and enter into caring nature. Sea turtle conservation?s program as an ecotourism attraction has begun this activity since 1995 and has raised them in incubator for hatchling and goes to next caring process to the saltwater Aquarium. In 2016, I Ketut Murta Jaya Kusuma – General Manager, representing Holiday Resort Lombok receive sea turtle conservation award by West Lombok Government.

Holiday Resort Sea Turtle Ranger?s team are cared for until they grow to a size and weight that are deemed appropriate for release into the wild. Turtle rangers and Holiday Resort Lombok also involving the guests will be gathered in every morning at 10 AM and afternoon time at 4PM. they will be paraded to the beachfront Mangsit Beach for the release. A welcome ceremony will kick-off the event followed by the release then educate the public about the sea turtle. Families are invited to join the celebration!